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Binekhi Winery:
Founded in 1994, Binekhi Winery makes premium red and amber wines and spirits from indigenous Georgian grape varities harvested on best terroirs with limited crops. Vinification happens with creative interpretation and experimentation based on 8,000 years of winemaking tradition. Binekhi is committed to excellence and has won many awards at competitions in Germany, Japan, the US, and greater Eurasia. The company owns 90 hectares of vineyard over several Georgian regions, with 35 hectares cultivating unique indigenous grape varietals.

Binekhi Winery sits in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi beside the flowing Mtkvari River, at the heart of Georgian business and culture. The company also owns and cultivates vineyards in the eastern Kakheti region famous for its wine production and its fertile climate.

    Binekhi Ojaleshi

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      Ojaleshi from Binekhi, harvest of 2017, is a naturally semi-sweet red Georgian wine made using the classical method from Ojaleshi grapes harvested in Samegrelo, in western Georgia.

      The wine is full-bodied, has a deep cherry color and a harmonious taste of summer fruits and berries.

      Light ruby color with medium body. Cherry and raspberry with crushed pine nuts aromas. Light and elegant taste, prevailed by red fruits and herbal tones. Delicate and persistent finish with candied raspberry. Food pairing: poultry dishes, cold dishes and desserts

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