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Vine Ponto was established in 2014, and is based in Telavi, Kakheti, the heart of winemaking in Georgia. The company’s mission is to preserve and develop the traditional methods of Georgian winemaking. As of now the company produces six wine varieties: Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, Saperavi and Mukuzani with annual production of 50,000 bottles.

Vine Ponto makes wine in Kvevri, the traditional Georgian clay vessel buried in the ground. The grape juice along with grapes skin is kept in Kvevri for six months from September to March. In March the Kvevri is opened, wine is separated from grape skin and is moved to Seguin Moreau oak barrels for further aging, where the maturing process continues for next 9-14 months. In order to produce premium class Kvevri wines, Vine Ponto enters the market in 1.5-2 years after harvesting.

Vine Ponto totally avoids artificial technological intervention usually applied for accelerating the process of wine maturing. The company just gives the wine the way to mature by it’s own. Vineyard goes through a so called “Green Harvest”, a crop thinning method during which unripe green clusters of grapes are dropped from the vine to decrease the crop yields and improve the flavour concentration of the remaining grape bunches. After the green harvest the quality of the grape improves as numerous mature flavour compounds develop in the process.

Vine Ponto Mukuzani Reserve

  • Product #10-861


    Dry red, Qvevri, Oak, PDO, Limited production Saperavi 100% Manually selected SAPERAVI grapes harvested in Mukuzani microzone were fermented for 8 months in Qvevri. After the primary fermentation the wine is pressed and transferred to the French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and maturation. The nose reveals vanilla oak, and bright wild berries aromas. The palate is dominant of black currant and prune flavors, supported by silky tannins.

    Wine of deep dark garnet color. Exquisite leather tones, accompanied by the noble notes of oak aging, are woven into the delicate aroma of blueberries, wild berries and underbrush. On the palate, the wine is dense, elegant, perfectly balanced, with a soft cashmere tartness in the aftertaste.

    Decantation and flow temperature of + 14-16 ° C are recommended.Wine will be a harmonious addition to baked veal, grilled lamb meat, duck with apples, as well as aged cheeses and warm salads.Dry red wine is controlled by origin from the Saperavi grape variety, harvested from 20-40 years old vines in the Kakheti region, Georgia. The wine was macerated for up to 1 month by the ancient Georgian method, in kvevri, and aged in French oak barrels for 8 months.Kosher for Passover.

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