Ancient Valley has two vineyards spread over the main terroirs of Racha region which boasts a diverse landscape of mountain forests, valleys and meadows. Being the only mountain wine region in the country, its peculiarities make our wines unique, special and outstanding. Well-defined aromas of blackberries, wild strawberries, along with notes like raspberries and cherries are the ones that identify our first class wines and outline their uniqueness.


Our story starts back to 1990, when Georgia finally got its well-deserved independence, founder of our company got back to his homeland from booming urban life and start growing endemic vineyards.


Since then we are dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. Made with attention to details and lots of love, our sunlit vineyards are the combination of the unique terroir and the best grapes harvested manually. Our wines are grown with love and respect for the land. As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us.


We believe wine is something everyone must enjoy. And there is no better feeling than uncorking a bottle of wine produced by Ancient Valley.

Ancient Valley-Usakhelauri

  • Product #10-950


    Georgia’s rarest and most precious wine comes from the best terroir of Ancient Valley’s – Dzirageuli vineyards. This wine, made from a delicate grape variety, is highly prized and is considered one of the very best among several hundred distinct indigenous varieties. A very peculiar for its appearance, with lustrous ruby-red color and a bouquet full of the aromas of raspberry and forest berries. Its finish leaves a pleasant and slightly salty flavor of walnuts.

    Best to enjoy at 12-14°C. The winBest to enjoy at 12-14°C. The wine ideally matches with smoked cheese, different desserts, and fruit.