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  • Product #10-322


    12/750ml, 12%


    “Estrada” is the first company that manufactures sparkling
    wine by the method of the famous monk Dom Pierre
    Perignon – “Méthode Traditionelle”, i.e., secondary
    fermentation in the glass and subsequent cuvée aging.

    The company’s range of products is outstanding in terms of both quality and diversity. Today, one can state with certainty that one of the most remarkable products offered by the Estrada Associated Wine Factory is the classic sparkling wine – a noble and extravagant sparkling wine.

    Furthermore, “Estrada” manufactures sparkling wines
    obtained by secondary fermentation in stainless steel
    reservoirs and the resulting sparkling wine possesses a full fruity taste and freshness.

    This method enables the preservation of all qualities of a re-fermented wine.

    The company applies the world’s most sophisticated
    technologies in winemaking possesses the art of
    manufacturing diverse wines and meets the finest tastes and
    requirements of the market.

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