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    E.T.51 Premium Rum is a unique rum distilled and aged with fermented pomegranates. 

    There is no other rum like this in the world. This pot and column rum is distilled and aged in used whisky barrels for a bodied but fragrant taste.  

    E.T.51 can be enjoyed on the rocks and is ideal for your cocktails. This beautiful rum, matured in small batches, showcases the sweet natural taste of sugar cane. Followed with a slight tanginess of fruit seeds. The tropical and refreshing tartness are directly extracted in a painstakingly hand-filtered process. Distilled gradually in small quantities to beautify, but not overpower, the delicate flavor of sugar cane. 

    Appearance is amber clear with hint of floral pink.

    Alcohol: 40% alc./vol. 

    FOOD PAIRING: Tropical fruits, seafood, light cheeses.

    TASTE NOTES: Vanilla cream, hints of oak & honey suckle.