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Torre de Picos edition is packaged in a ceramic bottle, which is heated and created in ovens at 1260° Celsius. Each bottle is a work of art is hand painted by artisans in Mexico as a gift for you. Torre de Picos obtains its name because of the pattern of the design painted on the bottle.

For over 50 years, La Cofradia have been distilling and bottling Tequila and it is with this length of experience that has made them one of the finest and best in the market. Producing top quality products with high quality agave using traditional methods but in a modern industrial plant. Their tequilas are bottled in blown glass or ceramic bottles.


  • Product #7086


    La Cofradia Torre de Picos Anejo Tequila Ceramic

    Size: 750ml

    Alcohol Content – 40% by vol.

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