Winery Mtevino is the new Georgian wine producing company, which is a modern conceptual space based on Georgian guest-host traditions. Cellar is located in the village of Khashmi, Sagarejo district, 40 km from Tbilisi.Mtevino is the perfect place to discover Georgian wine and wine traditions.

Mtevino Kindzmarauli

  • Product #10-895


    Red Semi-Sweet Wine

    • Served with: Cheese, sea product and fruit
    • Made in Saperavi grape , grown in Kakheti Region at Kindzmarauli micro zone planted on the right bank of the river Duruji. The wine has dark pomegranate color. Characterized by the velvet harmonious flavor.
    • 11.0%
    • Serving temperature: + 6-8
    • Storing temperature: + 10-12