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In a country, where the wine production counts more than thousands of years, the first Georgian wine brandy appears only in 19th century and is connected to David Sarajishvili name. David Sarajishvili’s biggest will and tireless effort resulted in creating the first Georgian wine brandy. Exactly this person established the first classic brandy making technology in Georgia and produced the cognac accordingly. The company was launched in 1884 and in about three years in 1887 - produced the first product.

The rich and unique collection of “Sarajishvili House” is based on the long-lasting experience, work of talented technologists and the pursuit of excellence. Brandy enthusiasts and professionals admire with our collection of unique masterpieces, many of which were produced more than a century ago. David Sarajishvili dedicated whole of his life to creation of unique Georgian wine brandy and consequently, “Sarajishvili House” is honored to follow his steps. Constant creative searching and pursuit of progress inspire us to create new and remarkable flavors. Each product of “Sarajishvili House” has its individual history, age, origin, character, image and qualities. “Sarajishvili House” spirits help to create a cozy atmosphere and will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy communication in a pleasant situation and explore the unique taste of Georgian wine brandy.At present “Sarajishvili House” brings together its production under three lines. Classification of marks under classical line is carried out according to French standards. The unique line puts together those special products, which were created and inspired by a distinct idea. The vintage line has its own concept and all drinks are created from blend, consisting of one-year old spirits.


    • Product #2400


      Brandy Info & Specs

      • Name :  Sarajishvili  EXTRA  
      • Beverage Type : Wine Brandy.
      • Alcohol Content :  40 % vol. 
      • Size: 750ml
      • Varietal Composition :  Created from unique Georgian grapes
      • Res. Sugar : <4 g/l; T/A: 4,5-5,5g/l.
      • Aging Time:  More Than 30 years
      • Brandy-growing Region :  Georgia.

      Tasting Notes

      • Color :   Beautiful shiny golden color Brandy
      • Aromas : The rich bouquet of “Sarijishvili EXTRA” has the extra smooth flavor of vanilla, chocolate and fruits.
      • Aging Process: Having aged in oak barrels for many years
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