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Alcohol: 13%

Size: 750ml

Btls/case: 12

Vine Ponto Kisi

  • Product #10-862



    Limited production

    Grape Variety: Kisi 100%

    Region: Kakheti region, Country of Georgia 

    Category: Table Wines, Qvevri Wines

    Serving temperature: +11°C to +13°C (+51°to+55°F)

    Produced and bottled by Vine Ponto. Country of Georgia

    Selected Kisi grapes fermented in Qvevri with natural yeasts for six months. Grapes are stomped and put into egg-shaped clay pots called qvevri, which are then buried in the ground or kept in cellars. The clay provides natural temperature control and a little oxygen exposure, all of which makes for some truly dynamic wine, unlike anything you may have tasted. There's also skin contact, which gives white wines that iconic amber color and more tannins than conventionally made whites, where the skin is removed before fermentation. Qvevri winemaking isn't the type of thing that can be mass-produced, which makes each wine in this style unique. 

    This full-bodied wine has pleasant dried peach, apricot, and white rose aromas.  The taste of wine is rich, dense, tannic, with a refined aftertaste. The palate is full, with flavors of white peach, followed by a long lingering finish.


    Seafood, salmon, steamed fish, grilled vegetables, light salads, goat's cheese, fig jam  or even curry.  

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