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About the Winery:

Villa Canestrari is an artisan winery that has been working 20ha of land in Illasi Valley for four generations. Their story began in 1888, when Carlo Bonuzzi started making and bottling wines on the estate. Villa Canestrari as a brand was created in the 1990s, with the merging of 8onuzzi and Franchi families and thus became a symbol of high quality winemaking.


  • Product #10-739




    White Wine

    750 ml

    Soave is made from the grape Garganega. The harvest starts around mid-September and ends in October; two passes through the vineyards and careful grape selection ensures perfect ripening. The grapes are then left to dry for two months to intensify the flavour. The wine matures for one year in lightly toasted barrels, and the oak is perfectly balanced, not overwhelming the wine, just adding texture and complexity. Its aroma abounds with exotic fruit and gorgeous spicy, nutty notes. The palate has just a hint of vanilla with quite intense stone fruit, and traces of banana and pineapple. Its superb balance is a credit to its masterlyvinification.


    Variety: 100% Garganega

    Vintage: 2017

    Alcohol: 14%

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