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Wine-growing region(Appellation): KAKHETI viticulture region.
Climate type: Moderate continental.
Wine classification: Regional wine.
Varietal composition: Saperavi 100%
Grape source: Sourced throughout Kakheti.
Grape yield: 8-10 ton/hectar.
Wine type: Medium dry red.
Wine analysis(indicative):
Alc. 12% Res. Suger: 9-12g/l Total acid: 5-7g/l

Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity. Soft de-stemming and crushing is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature (28°C) in stainless steel tanks. Wine is fermented using the cultural yeast strains. Skin and cap management is performed by délestage and remontage. When the fermenting juice reaches optimum sugar/acidity balance, fermentation is stopped by cooling, in order to retain the natural sweetness and freshness of the wine.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Intense ruby color with violet hue.
Aromas: Ripe blackberry and blackcurrant with the hints of prune.
Palate: Young and full- bodied, with dense sweet fruits, soft yet spicy with well balanced blackberry finish.

Marani Pirosmani

  • 12%

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