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The Spirit of Georgia LLC (the SG Winery) was incorporated in 2014, with its facility based in Telavi, Kakheti, the winemaking heart of Georgia. The company’s mission is to preserve and develop the traditional methods of Georgian winemaking, to enrich it with western experience, to promote Georgia as the Vine Zero Point and to secure its notable place in the world winemaking.
​The company produces a high-quality wine, expands its production by introducing new varietals year after year, but also works on various experiments and plans to offer new unique flavor combinations to the Georgian and foreign markets.

As of now the company produces six vine varieties under the brand name Vine Ponto. These are: Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, Saperavi and Mukuzani. Annual production reaches 50K bottles of Vine Ponto premium quality wines.

Nowadays the company owns four wine cellars, two of which are Kvevris cellars, the third is for oak barrels and the fourth is for wine aging. 41 Kvevris are placed in cellars with totally capacity of 80 tons. The cellars for barrels and wine aging are placed underground and because of this
naturally cool location wine quality is controlled and matured perfectly.
Wine is made in Kvevri, the traditional Georgian clay vessel buried in the ground. It stays in Kvevri together with its own grapes and skin for six months from September till March. In March the Kvevri is opened, wine is moved to Seguin Moreau oak barrels for further aging, where the maturing process continues for next 9-14 months. As the main purpose is to produce premium class Kvevri wines, Vine Ponto enters the market in 1.5-2 years after harvesting.
It’s worth mentioning that the company totally avoids artificial technological intervention usually applied for accelerating the process of wine maturing. The company just gives the wine the way to mature by it’s own.
Thanks to our approach for production and quality, our wine gained recognition on local as well as international wine competitions. All of our wines received awards and honored certificates.

The company believes that at least 70% of wine is made in vineyard and accordingly lots of energy is spent to control every step in vineyard. Our grapes comes from different areas of Kakheti region. Kisi variety is collected in Maghraani village, Mtsvane comes from Akhmeta city, Rkatsiteli from Tsinandali microzone, Saperavi from Napareuli and Mukuzani comes from Mukuzani village. In early August every vineyard goes through a so called “Green Harvest”, a crop thinning method during which unripe green clusters of grapes are dropped from the vine to decrease the crop yields and improve the flavor concentration of the remaining grape bunches. After the green harvest the quality of the grape improves as numerous mature flavor compounds develop in the process. When every component of grape is fully met and viticulturist approves readiness of collection, the stage of excitement and happiness is reached and the real harvest starts. The grape is collected by hand in a special grape boxes, maximum weight per box is 12-15kg. The grape is transported by the company’s own vehicles. Before pressing, the grape is selected by hand at the grape sorting table. Through the pipe the gently pressed grapes goes to Kvevri for fermentation. As soon as the wine is fully fermented the Kvevri is closed and the wine is kept there for six months.

Vine Ponto Three

  • Product #10-860


    Hand-picked grapes of Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi varieties were fermented on skins and seeds for six months using natural yeasts in the traditional clay vessel Qvevri. This extractive, full-bodied wine has pleasant and complex aroma of dry peach and quince, taste is rich with honey and boiled quince flavors, and a long-lasting finish.

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