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The Guardian:

Brut force: the winery in the middle of a war zone



   In 1991, Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the former Soviet Union created a bright future and new opportunity for Ukrainian artisans and entrepreneurs. Artwinery’s fine sparkling wines quickly rose to the top, making Artwine the leading brand of sparkling wine in Ukraine and one of the finest wines in the world today. At the heart of that success is a deep commitment to Ukraine’s 2,500-year-old wine-making heritage and to Méthode Traditionnelle.

   It is our pleasure and privilege to introduce Artwine to America. Russia’s assault on the peaceful nation of Ukraine has strengthened Western unity and forged a permanent bond between Americans and their Ukrainian compatriots. Know that when you raise a toast with Artwine, you also celebrate a bright and prosperous future for the people of Ukraine. That future starts now. With Artwine.



   Our mission is to support Ukraine’s No. 1 producer of fine, sparkling wines by making Artwine the most recognized and sought-after Ukrainian brand in the world. Artwinery is dedicated to crafting sparkling wines that are the best examples of quality, taste, and tradition.

   For the duration of the Russian invasion, Artwinery has maintained operations by overcoming endless obstacles and standing strong in the face of danger. When you uncork a bottle of Artwine, not only will you experience one of the world’s finest sparkling wines, but your purchase will support Artwinery’s employees, vendors, and families.

   We are truly inspired by and thankful for the worldwide support for Ukraine, and we look forward to a peaceful, joyful future. Please join us in a toast to courage, resilience, independence … and all that is good in life. With Artwine.


  • Product #10-1003


    ARTWINE 36

    Rose Brut Sparkling

    Artwine 36 Brut Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir (89%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (11%) aged in the bottle no less than 36 months. Having lost their Crimean vineyards to the 2014 Russian invasion, Artwinery sourced these grapes from the Odesa, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.  

    The taste is fresh, harmonious, complex, balanced with tones of aging and an exquisite, long berry finish. A favorite at Ukrainian weddings and anniversaries, it pairs exceptionally with shrimp and salmon.

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