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Lychee: Fruity, sweet, peony florals and lush, fresh lychees with a refreshing taste.

Green Grape: Sweet, fruity, and great to get a party started. Enjoy chilled and on it’s own!

Strawberry: The sweet taste of ripened strawberry in each sip while maintaining its light and refreshing experience.

Plum: Fruity and smooth with the unique flavor of plums.

Peach: Infused with Peach flavor. It offers a light sweet, crisp and clean taste with a cool finish.

Pineapple: Apple wine with pineapple flavor that is infused with a vibrant tasting pineapple flavor, a refreshing twist on a classic.

Blueberry: Traditional small batch soju. A tart and sweet distilled spirit made from rice and infused with blueberries. Made to be enjoyed with loved ones

Passion Fruit: A tart, sweet, and well balanced distilled spirit made from rice. A prominate flavor that is not overpowering. Made to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Watermelon: A clean and sweet scent on the noise with a sweet but not overpowering taste. Distilled from rice and made to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Yogurt: A distilled spirit made from rice and yogurt that gives a clean, crisp and cool finish. Tastes better when shared with loved ones


  • Product #2001-BLUBERRY

    Product #2002-LYCHEE

    Product #2003-MANDARIN

    Product #2004-PASSIONFRUIT

    Product #2005-STRAWBERRY-Coming Soon

    Product #2006-WATERMELON

    Product #2007-YOGURT

    Product #2008-GREEN APPLE

    Product #2009-PLUM

    Product #2010-PEACH-Coming Soon

    Product #2011-APPLE

    Product #2012-ORIGINAL-Coming Soon



    12% ABV


    Soju, one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world has been made in Korea since the 13th century. Hodori (Tiger in Korean) is produced in the traditional small batch method that has been used for centuries. Hodori Soju is low in alcohol which makes it perfect to be enjoyed with a meal or friends. 

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