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Robert Doms Belgian

"Robert Doms Belgian" is a light unfiltered beer with a mild malty taste, characterized by a sweet wheat hue and a light spicy-fruity taste. The novelty is cooked according to the recipe using a special malt of European origin "Belgium Pilsner Malt", which qualitatively affects the taste, aroma and color of the drink.



The history of Lvivska Brewery, the oldest brewery in modern Ukraine, started in the distant 1715. It is commonly known that back then monasteries played an important role in brewing.
After more than 300 years of its existence, the Lvivske beer became part of the cultural heritage and history of the entire Ukraine, a living symbol of ages and a jewel in Ukraine's crown.

Today Lvivske is the materialization of the ancient recipes implemented using the innovative technology, expertise and experience of the company's personnel. Lvivske's quality has been repeatedly recognized at various contests, yet the brand's biggest award is the kudos of many generations of Ukrainians.


  • Product #1302



    Available size: 500 ml
    Alcohol content – 4.5% by vol.

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