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Shinok Vodka

Shinok - is a flawless Ukrainian vodka. Made of exclusively natural ingredients, high-quality spirits, on ecologically pure water from an artesian well.
The diamond transparency of the drink is provided by the many stages of the cleaning technologies of the new generation.




"DAP" – the company is actively developing, and produces products under widely known and beloved by Ukrainian consumers trade marks.
High-quality raw materials and modern equipment under the guidance of a qualified team of professionals made it possible to bring each production stage to a high level, which is the key to the successful operation of the plant!
Technological lines for the production of gorilka (vodka) and brandy were launched at the modernized production site. A production workshop for souvenir bottling was also organized, in which craft vodka is manually bottled, sealed and decorated.


  • Product #8233


    Available size: 1 L.

    Alcohol content – 40% by vol.

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