Wine, Beer, Liquor Distribution

NorthStar Distribution is a wholesale wine and spirit that was founded in 2014 in State of Maryland.

We are a full line liquor distributor located in Baltimore, MD. Bringing you unique and exceptional flavors from around the world.  

This small business has grown into a serious corporation bringing the tastes of exotic imported wines and spirits from all over to the world to local stores in Maryland.

We have a portfolio consisting of over 300 SKUs of Cognac, Brandy, Vodkas, Wines, Sparkling Wines and etc. As of today, we have products from Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and Bulgaria, just to name a few. 

We base our business on one main objective; which is to share our global array of products while keeping a healthy, responsible, and honest customer relationship.


* If you are the retail store in Maryland, please call us to find out that your sales representative is. 

* If you are the customer, find out which is the closest store, which carries our products.

Phone: 443-438-9042